Learn the 2 ACTIONS you need to play your best golf, and the REACTIONS that happen as result of correctly performing those ACTIONS.


Where: located just 40 minutes from Toronto, Canada, the ACTION GOLF SCHOOLS have a tailored program for you. We can help you discover your potential from the green to the flag using very simple instruction. You will never need another instructor or method again.


When: Our convenient and fun locations keep you on track to being your best any time of the year.


Why: You have 1000’s of teachers, books, videos, television shows to help you get better. That kind of information has always been readily available, yet no one seems to be improving steadily.  ACTION GOLF is so simple for you to understand that it’s only a matter of time before you start becoming the player you should be.


Who: You may be a weekend golfer, a beginner, or a tour professional. It’s the information we provide you that allows your mind to be clear of unnecessary thoughts or countless misconceptions that are hurting your progress.


How: We start with having you read the book in either hard copy or e-book. Next, you either visit the academy or subscribe to the video series to step-by-step work on learning each action and what reactions should follow.  The book will be your guide to lower scores, the videos or a visit to the ACTION GOLF SCHOOLS will keep you on track to ensure you succeed.


What: The information you will receive from your chosen path of improvement, whether it’s a visit to get one on one instruction or subscribing to ACTION GOLF, what you are getting is countless hours of research that couldn’t simplify the golf swing more than what Bill Bath has done for you. It’s knowledge that is priceless, yet ACTION GOLF is made affordable to any level of golfer.


How: There are only 2 ACTIONS to learn, and there are REACTIONS you must be aware of in order to allow your swing to repeat great swing after great swing. Subscribing to the book and video series or visiting ACTION GOLF SCHOOLS is your answer to eliminating wasted hours of worthless practice. ACTION GOLF will give you the simple and accurate tools to play your best.


Why: You can continue looking for the quick fix or unconventional method of the month, or you can make a small investment into something big, you getting better!