Golf Yoda Bill Bath Golf Yoda's Action Golf Bio Page Image Bill Bath GolfingBill Bath has been a student and teacher of the game for over 4 decades. He has read countless books, and studied hundreds of the best players, while also teaching the beginner and high-handicap golfer.

Where Bill managed to separate himself from most instructors was his passion for helping people. His gift was his communication, although that isn’t the driving force of ACTION GOLF. Bill certified hundreds of teaching professionals in Canada. He needed to take all of his knowledge and simplify it. He has worked closely with champion golfers, he has had lessons with so called “top instructors”, attended seminars from some of these same world-renowned instructors, but always left with the same words to pass on to his students. He respected their knowledge, however, it was as if these professionals were just repeating old thoughts from new angles.

He was searching for something to help grow the game he has dedicated so much time to. It was using slow-motion video that allowed him to isolate two vital movements that all golfers are capable of doing. The average golfer has much more than two, and that is why it’s so difficult to repeat good swings. Less is more.