“I have been writing about golf for thirty years, my career credits are highlighted by a 16-year stint as senior instruction editor for GOLF Magazine, where I worked on swing, shot-making and short game articles with the game’s best teachers and tour pros.

Furthermore, I have written best selling books, such as “The Tiger Woods Way”, collaborated with top tour pros such as John Daly and Fred Couples, and with top teachers such as Jim Maclean, Butch Harmon and Jim Hardy. I would never say,  “I have heard it all” when it comes to golf instruction, because during my tenure at “Golf Magazine” I learned that when you least expect it, a new theory will emerge. Granted, however, good ones that hold any weight are indeed rare.

Frankly, before Jim Hardy introduced his one and two plane swing theories, it has been years since any golf instructor has come up with a truly innovative theory. Jim Maclean was the last, with his X-Factor idea.

Just when I thought that it would be decades before a golf teacher truly made a new discovery, Canadian based golf instructor Bill Bath was able to isolate two vital moves in golf that when blended together allow the backswing and downswing to flow rhythmically and the golfer to experience an effortless sensation when hitting the ball powerfully down the centre of the fairway or onto one green after another.

What Bill Bath has done for golf, as you soon will discover for yourself, is what painter Jackson Pollock did to modern art. Pollock was an “Action Painter.” Well, Bath is an “Action Teacher.””

John Andrisani
Former Senior Instruction Editor at GOLF Magazine and best selling author of nearly 30 golf books


“When I first overheard Bill talking about the golf swing, I understood what he was saying instantly. It sounded so easy. I booked a series of lessons and now I know how to enjoy the game the way it was meant to be. Less is more. Bill showed me how this is true.”

Brenda Watts
Whitby, ON


“Bills simplistic approach to teaching the game of golf has embedded consistent ball striking and afforded me the luxury of enjoying the game the way it should be.”

John M Wilson
Dupont, Canada


“You will never forget your lessons with Bill Bath. A true professional that really understands the golf swing and is an expert in communicating with golfers of all levels. Learn and enjoy!”

Lynne Kildaw
Golf Professional
Penticton, BC


“Bill and I get together a few times a year and he puts me back on track. It’s so easy to let old habits back into your game. He simplifies things. I know golf is one sport where you need a trained eye to put you back on course. Bill doesn’t change me as much as he helps me understand my swing so I can know when things go wrong and what I need to do to get better.”

David Reid
Golf Professional
Thunder Bay, ON


“Bill Bath’s strength as a golf teacher is his ability to simplify complicated swing thoughts by making the student focus on one single flaw at a time rather than overwhelming him/her with a host of problems.”

Jef JH Vermeulen
Director NAFTA Distribution
Roquette America Inc.


“I could think of no one that has improved my game as quickly as Bill has. By sticking to the simple drills that he gave me to practice I can finally trust my swing. It was worth the drive.”

Ronald E Powell
Sarnia, ON


“In early 2003, I took my second series of lessons with Bill. He analyzed and refined my swing that resulted in added distance and accuracy to all my clubs. Last year I enjoyed golf more than ever. I easily shaved 10 strokes off my game. I also made my first eagle, which I attribute to his teaching! For anyone looking to improve their game and enjoy it more, tee up some lessons with Bill.”

Greg Eickmeier
Pickering, ON


“I had the pleasure of taking lessons with Bill. I found Bills teaching techniques to be very helpful and easy to understand. Over the season I increased my distance 5 yards with my irons and 10 yards with my drives. My ball actually went where I aimed more often as well. I am looking forward to more lessons with Bill.”

Mark Tranter
Canadian Tour Caddie


“I have had half a dozen golf instructors in my 20 years of golfing. No one knows what Bill knows. His simple method makes so much sense. I trust what he says because he backs it up with results.”

Stan O,Brien
Ottawa, ON


“Bill made me see things that I wasn’t aware of. He did it with such ease. His swing is proof that you don’t have to kill it. I don’t hurt after playing anymore!”

Fred Keeler
Bowmanville, ON


I found Bill to be friendly and outgoing. As far as a golf teacher goes you couldn’t ask for much more in a personality. He puts his students at ease as well as keeping them motivated. His common sense approach is easy to understand. May I also say that his swing is very pleasing to look at. I have enjoyed my time with Bill.”

Curtis Goodacre
Accurate Golf
Winnipeg, MB


“Bills teaching techniques are very simple and easily understood to golfers of all capabilities. His teaching method is designed to be put into a few simple points and can be easily remembered from the first lesson. He really understands people well. Your goals should be met with lessons from Bill.”

Paul Cote
Uxbridge, ON